Welcome to The Corner

Making Good Stuff
for Good People.

Welcome to my piece of world that I like to call The Artisan Corner. My name is Daniele Leonardi, I’m a creative designer living in Siena, Tuscany and I like to take care of your stories and projects. I don’t do anything special. I listen, mainly, and that gives me the chance to become part of your world and taking care of your stories like they are mine.

Creativity saved my life, dreaming made it my job.

Wedding & Lifestyle Films

The Artisan Corner is what you can call a “team of one“.  My concept of video making is a little bit unusual. Wedding videos can be one of the most boring things ever and that is not wat I like to do. I love to create a special and artistic video clip that you will want to watch again and again without getting tired of it. I don’t want you to count the minutes, I want yout to feel the emotions. Creativity is my main ingredient and working discreetly while capturing the most significant moments of your day is my main goal. I love to deep dive into your story and feel your passion. Having the chance to get to know you better will give me the opportunuty to make the video of special day something unique and special.

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